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Legendary Sridevi, the icon of looks and beauty passes away. Om Shanti.

Bollywood actor Sridevi passes away due to cardiac arrest in Dubai, but what she left behind is her fans, few facts about life, a twitter controversy, a question and few creativities.

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Her fans are in deep grief and still not able to believe in the demise. Also this pic with a caption “Hamko Kinaara Mil Gaya Hai Zindagi” is getting viral on social media.

Viral Pic of Sridevi after her sudden death from cardiac arrest.

Her life and sudden untimely death is being discussed on social media with few facts about life and they are –

Things that Sridevi’s teaches us:

• Life is unpredictable

• Life is too short for egos in relationships

• Make the most of your time, say what you want to or you may never get to

• Nobody should be taken for granted

• Strongest women have the weakest hearts

Here is also a twitter political controversy after her death. Actually official twitter account of INC Congress expressed condolence mentioning Padma Shri Award by UPA govt in 2013. Soon many twitterati targeted this post for making her death political.

And finally tweet was edited as bellow

We regret to hear about the passing away of Sridevi. An actor par excellence. A legend who will continue to live in our hearts through her stellar body of work. Our deepest condolences to her loved ones.

Link to edited tweet

Also the question has been raised on cosmetic industry and Patriarchal society (Men led society) in following manner on social media –

Her implants, weight loss and excess doses of Botox shots regularly could also be the cause of Cardiac arrest.

Piyali Ganguly’s Comments on Sri Devi’s sad demise; Very interesting!!

while we are all mourning the untimely demise of Sridevi, it is important to remember why this may have happened to her. society demanded that she stay slimmer/look younger than a 40 year old, 50 year old and plus 50 woman needs to be–hence, the continuous surgeries. when i met her about 5 years ago, she was beautiful but a sad version of that self that we loved so much in a movie like Chandni. What a lot of pressure to keep her weight down, to make sure that her face had no wrinkle lines….continuous clinic visits in Southern California. as a friend of mine, Dipanwita Basu wrote this morning…do we need a #metoo movement in fashion, #notsize0? Milan has already implemented this but these patriarchical implants were in her head — the husband, who claimed to love her so much should have intervened, did he love the way she looked as his arm candy more than he loved her? She herself did not trust in her own beauty — she was a clothes horse for whoever would care to dress her. What i conclude is she had such a lack of love for oneself and such a lack of self esteem that her own lips didn’t suffice, her own face was not good enough, her flesh and blood had to be sucked out of her so that she could wear the best of couture. that is the sadness of a life that could have been lived so much better not just for her but for her daughters. what a terrible legacy for her girls.

Last picture of Sridevi before her death

And few creativities for Sridevi by her unknown fans and followers-

आज आसमान में चाँद होगा ही नहीं

भोर ने ख़बर ये दी, चाँदनी रही नहीं

And another one with her movie names in between-

*चांदनी* थी आप फिल्मी दुनिया की

लगा बडा *सदमा* सुन ख़बर मौत की

*चाल बाज़* है ये ज़िन्दगी

*नागिन* बन आप को डस गई ।

*कलाकार* आप जैसी कहाँ

*तोहफा* ये गम का देदिया

*कर्मा* की करामात है ये

न भूल पायेगा पूरा *(Mr) इंडिया*।

आप की अदाकारी *सोने पे सुहागा* थी

*शेरनी* बन आप पर्दे पर छाई थी

मगर *वक़्त की आवाज़* बड़ी दर्दनाक है

क्योंकि भगवान ही सब से बड़ा *गुरु* है।

इस बात का *खुदा गवाह* है

*लम्हे* ये बड़े याद आएंगे

आसमान से गिरा था एक *नगिना*

*रूप की रानी* बनकर

चुरा लिया वक़्त ने *चोरों का राजा* बन कर।

*जुदाई* आप की बड़ी रुलायेगी

यादें बन कर *आर्मी* परिवार को संभालेगी

मगर एक बात *इंग्लिश-विंग्लिश* में कहु

फिलमी दुनिया की *mom*

तेरी याद हमेशा बॉलीवुड को आएगी।

And another one

फूलों से सजी फिर भी अच्छी नहीं लगती

मौसम-ए-बहार में अर्थी अच्छी नहीं लगती

रहने को सदा यहाँ आता कौन है फिर भी

ये बेवक़्त की रुख़सती अच्छी नहीं लगती

ये क्या हुआ सदमे में है सुबह से हर शख़्स

ऐसे हो ज़िक्र-ए-चाँदनी अच्छी नहीं लगती

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