cosmetic treatments and procedures.
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Learning Aesthetic Medicine& Cosmetology!

As we all know that aesthetic medicine and cosmetology are fields of medicine that fall in between clinical and beauty parlor practice. Here in aesthetic clinics or cosmetic clinics you practice medicine in a very friendly manner with your patients… or you may say clients, as most of the time they do not have any disease but they just want to look vibrant!!

Cosmetology Courses in India
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Looking at big demand for cosmetic treatment and that too increasing day by day, doctors from all specialties are trying to get in this lucrative field. Say it be Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon, MBBS doctors, Other specialist like Orthopedicians, Gynaecologists, ENT Surgeons, Eye Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Dentists and even Homeopathy & Ayurveda doctors, all are looking for some sort of opportunity in this cosmetic world.

There are very few institutes in India that are teaching aesthetic medicine and cosmetology to doctor in detailed and regular way & they are –

  2. Vibrante Academy
  4. IIAM
  5. IICTN

There are also few clinics/doctors who are running these courses, like Dr Rajat Bhandari, Dr Arun Panda etc. But if we talk about institutes or centres dedicated to train the doctors from all specialties with best in class curriculum, hands-on for every procedure, and best faculty, well explaining the basics and detailed topic discussion with friendly environment, Vibrante Academy & DJPIMAC holds far superior position among all. We have personally discussed with participants doctors and the crux of that discussion is that Vibrante Academy stands far ahead of all these institutes. Well you are the one who know better for you and all above institutes are doing good job to educate the doctors in cosmetology and helping them to expand their practice horizon. Looks Ki Baat wishes you all the best for your journey in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

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