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Rediplex Light Spray – Product Review

Product Science
Glutathione is an emerging molecule in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and cosmetology. Although it comes in food and nutrition category but it’s gaining important as medicine for cosmetic purpose.

Glutathione is considered as mother of all antioxidants. There are so many brands available for this molecule in cosmetic world. Glutathione is available to use as tablets, capsules, logenges, serums, sachets and injections.

Glutathione description and functions
Glutathione is a wonderful supplement enhancing immunity. It also remove free radicles from body and work as skin lightening as well.

Rediplex Light Product Review

Glutathione Rediplex Light product review
Glutathione is getting popular day by day due to it’s wonder effects

Positive Aspects –
Rediplex Light Oral spray (below tongue) is very effective and helps in improving immunity as well as skin lightening.

It’s packaging is very user friendly. Just one to two puffs are good enough at a time. You can use this spray once or twice in a day.

Negative Aspects –
You may not like the test of Rediplex Light but auther of this article feel taste of this spray as tolerable.

Note – Auther of this article is a cosmetology practicing doctor and has personally used this product.

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