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Latest Treatment Trends in the world of Beauty..

The latest trend in cosmetic treatments is no more plastic surgery. the world is going towards new kind of cosmetic treatments or beauty treatments. Now beauty treatments for cosmetic treatment sir more user friendly in a way that they are less painful they are done without any cut or incision and stitches and there is no scar mark due to absence of the stitches.

The new world is getting new luxurious looks with just injections. People love to get injections in just few minutes without any downtime and many of these injections are done an in lunch hours. To know more details about these beauty treatments please see the video posted here.

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Bloggers and youtubers misguiding the end users!

In this world of social media marketing so many bloggers, youtubers and instagrammers have come up with their own content that suggest you and recommend you for beauty and hair care products.

Fake bloggers youtubers and instagrammers in skin and hair care

Many of them are just doing this for the passion and earning money. Most of them do not have proper knowledge about the products, about the science behind them and the basic science of the skin and hair.

The author of this article who himself is a cosmetologist and hair transplant surgeon has seen so many of these kind of bloggers, who come to get treated for their skin and hair problems.
These bloggers and youtubers and maybe instagrammers or few facebook page owners, consult with certified cosmetologist and hair restoration practitioners doctors when it comes to their own cosmetic skin care and hair fall problems.

But when it comes to posting on the blogs or other social media platforms they write down the content in favour of a particular product, because they either get money or bunch of products for free.

In a way they missguide the reader and highly recommend the products which are actually not at all useful and you can say they are fake.

So next time when you read any blog post or any social media post or if you see YouTube video first confirm the content writers or youtubers authenticity and their knowledge. Also stay away from medicines or products that claim guaranteed treatment or results in just few days to months.

Looks Ki Baat is an initiative to provide authentic and trusted information to our readers and thus it is our duty to warn you about these social media scandals.

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Rediplex Light Spray – Product Review

Product Science
Glutathione is an emerging molecule in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and cosmetology. Although it comes in food and nutrition category but it’s gaining important as medicine for cosmetic purpose.

Glutathione is considered as mother of all antioxidants. There are so many brands available for this molecule in cosmetic world. Glutathione is available to use as tablets, capsules, logenges, serums, sachets and injections.

Glutathione description and functions
Glutathione is a wonderful supplement enhancing immunity. It also remove free radicles from body and work as skin lightening as well.

Rediplex Light Product Review

Glutathione Rediplex Light product review
Glutathione is getting popular day by day due to it’s wonder effects

Positive Aspects –
Rediplex Light Oral spray (below tongue) is very effective and helps in improving immunity as well as skin lightening.

It’s packaging is very user friendly. Just one to two puffs are good enough at a time. You can use this spray once or twice in a day.

Negative Aspects –
You may not like the test of Rediplex Light but auther of this article feel taste of this spray as tolerable.

Note – Auther of this article is a cosmetology practicing doctor and has personally used this product.

cosmetic treatments and procedures.
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Learning Aesthetic Medicine& Cosmetology!

As we all know that aesthetic medicine and cosmetology are fields of medicine that fall in between clinical and beauty parlor practice. Here in aesthetic clinics or cosmetic clinics you practice medicine in a very friendly manner with your patients… or you may say clients, as most of the time they do not have any disease but they just want to look vibrant!!

Cosmetology Courses in India
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Looking at big demand for cosmetic treatment and that too increasing day by day, doctors from all specialties are trying to get in this lucrative field. Say it be Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon, MBBS doctors, Other specialist like Orthopedicians, Gynaecologists, ENT Surgeons, Eye Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Dentists and even Homeopathy & Ayurveda doctors, all are looking for some sort of opportunity in this cosmetic world.

There are very few institutes in India that are teaching aesthetic medicine and cosmetology to doctor in detailed and regular way & they are –

  2. Vibrante Academy
  4. IIAM
  5. IICTN

There are also few clinics/doctors who are running these courses, like Dr Rajat Bhandari, Dr Arun Panda etc. But if we talk about institutes or centres dedicated to train the doctors from all specialties with best in class curriculum, hands-on for every procedure, and best faculty, well explaining the basics and detailed topic discussion with friendly environment, Vibrante Academy & DJPIMAC holds far superior position among all. We have personally discussed with participants doctors and the crux of that discussion is that Vibrante Academy stands far ahead of all these institutes. Well you are the one who know better for you and all above institutes are doing good job to educate the doctors in cosmetology and helping them to expand their practice horizon. Looks Ki Baat wishes you all the best for your journey in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

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Simplest way to improve health and looks!

Yup! there is a simple but strong way to flush out toxins, to boost immunity, to improve skin, to increase energy, to reduce weight and to improve digestion. And the miracle thing is what we all have daily… Guess what it could be?

And this miracle is the simplest chemical formula H2O or WATER! If I ask – did you drink enough water yesterday, the most of you might either say dont know or no! The fact is in this busy lifestyle we forget to take care of ourselves. Drinking enough water in a day is must to follow rule as exercise and healthy food habits are.


So how much water we should drink everyday to keep ourself and our skin healthy? The answer is 8+ glasses for a normal adult without any heart or kidney problem. Water is a miracle drink that God has gifted us. In fact life started in water only. Especially in summers we should intake more water. Never forget to have a glass of water whenever you move out of the home or office. Hope you be healthy and have stunning looks!