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Bloggers and youtubers misguiding the end users!

In this world of social media marketing so many bloggers, youtubers and instagrammers have come up with their own content that suggest you and recommend you for beauty and hair care products.

Fake bloggers youtubers and instagrammers in skin and hair care

Many of them are just doing this for the passion and earning money. Most of them do not have proper knowledge about the products, about the science behind them and the basic science of the skin and hair.

The author of this article who himself is a cosmetologist and hair transplant surgeon has seen so many of these kind of bloggers, who come to get treated for their skin and hair problems.
These bloggers and youtubers and maybe instagrammers or few facebook page owners, consult with certified cosmetologist and hair restoration practitioners doctors when it comes to their own cosmetic skin care and hair fall problems.

But when it comes to posting on the blogs or other social media platforms they write down the content in favour of a particular product, because they either get money or bunch of products for free.

In a way they missguide the reader and highly recommend the products which are actually not at all useful and you can say they are fake.

So next time when you read any blog post or any social media post or if you see YouTube video first confirm the content writers or youtubers authenticity and their knowledge. Also stay away from medicines or products that claim guaranteed treatment or results in just few days to months.

Looks Ki Baat is an initiative to provide authentic and trusted information to our readers and thus it is our duty to warn you about these social media scandals.

Frauds, Marketing Gimmicks, Loot in Cosmetic industry
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Cosmetic Industry & Emotional “Atyachaar”

This is my first blog post and its going to be negative one! People usually start with positive news but I am not, and there is a clear reason for the same. I have started this blog for favoring not anyone other then readers of this blog. Neither I have started this blog to market my own products or services, and that is the why I have kept my name secret. I also know that this blog may face dislikes, anger and even law-suits for the genuine content, I am going to deliver you. I need support and love of end consumers to continue my undismayed work against frauds in cosmetic industry.

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This market help grow those companies, products and services which are intelligently play with marketing gimmicks. Marketing has taken superior place then quality. Except very few genuine companies who are working with ethics, many companies in cosmetic industry are very clever and they know how to play with consumers in a very emotional way, so as to take out money from their pocket. There marketing fundaments are so strong that consumer never realize that they have been cheated for life.

As I already told that this blog is clearly in interest of consumers, its my utmost duty to warn each and every reader from being looted by such fraud products or businesses. One thing is very clear that its high time to be aware of such products and services to save your hard earned money and assets. Please share with your friends and keep visiting  us to be aware and be safe.