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Hair Transplant Clinic – How to choose?

These days hair transplant has been carried out by many people other than doctors. So the safety and results are compromised when such unauthorized person does a medical procedure like hair transplantation.

As we have discussed in our previous article Hair Transplant- Who should do? Now we know that any allopathy doctor is eligible to perform hair transplant. Doctors from alternative medicine are not eligible to perform hair transplantation surgery.

You will be surprised to know that hair restoration surgery is being carried out by people other than doctors. These are transplant technicians. They actually assist the doctors in performing hair transplant. With time they learn the technique and start practising on their own. They make a good website and impressive Facebook profile, Facebook page and Instagram profile. They impress the client as they are doctors.

As technicians don’t have thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the area they end up in many complications most of the time. But the USP of these technicians is that they do the surgery at very low cost and customer get trapped in such lucrative offer.

Hair transplant technician lack the knowledge of treating emergency situations. Also they operate in unhygienic environment many times.

So we highly recommend that you should ensure that you get hair transplant done at doctors clinic. Hair transplant doctor must be –

  • MBBS or above – Preffered.
  • BDS or above

There have been few rumors in media that hair transplant can be done by only dermatologist and plastic surgeons, but in author’s knowledge there is no such legal or medical rule as of now.


How to choose best hair transplant doctor in India
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